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History of ISSWA:

In response to the needs of a growing profession, The Iowa School Social Workers' Association was founded in 1968. The Association was the source of information, support and unity for school social workers who were spread thinly across the state at that time.

Today area education agencies (AEAs) employ over 245 school social workers whose primary responsibility is the provision of support services to students with disabilities who require special education services. A growing number of local Iowa school districts also hire school social workers, who provide social work services to all students in the district.

ISSWA has played an important role in the struggle to make school social workers educators that are equal members of the educational community.

The purposes of the organization include:

1) To encourage the development and improvement of school social work

2) To advocate programs, activities, and research within school systems, leading to enhanced learning opportunities for all children

3) To foster cooperation between colleagues, community groups, and public and private organizations in order to promote the welfare of students

4) To act as a liaison between school social workers in Iowa and the Department of Education, to assist in the ongoing development of school social work practice.

ISSWA is a 501©3 non-profit organization. 

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