The Iowa School Social Workers' Association promotes effective, evidence-based services to students, families, and schools through relevant professional development and legislative advocacy.


The purpose of the Iowa School Social Workers’ Association shall be the following:

  1. To provide relevant evidence-based professional development to all School Social Work professionals by offering:

    • An annual ISSWA conference

    • A biennial ethics training

  2. To foster connection and communication to School Social Workers throughout the state of Iowa through:

    • Our annual ISSWA conference

    • Our monthly newsletter (10 months/year)

  3. To advocate for the School Social Work Profession at the state, regional, and national level by:
    • Providing members with state and national legislative updates

    • Advocating for relevant state and national legislation supporting students, families, schools, and communities

    • Being an active member of the Midwest School Social Work Council and a School Social Work of America Association state affiliate member

    • Collaborating with our state university social work programs

History of ISSWA:

In response to the needs of a growing profession, The Iowa School Social Workers' Association was founded in 1968. The Association was the source of information, support and unity for school social workers who were spread thinly across the state at that time.

Today area education agencies (AEAs) employ 379 school social workers whose primary responsibility is the provision of support services to students with disabilities who require special education services. A growing number of local Iowa school districts also hire school social workers, who provide social work services to all students in the district.

ISSWA is a 501©3 non-profit organization. 

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