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ISSWA Board Members

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President:  Emilie Souhrada (esouhrada@centralriversaea.org)

Vice President:  Jean Boger (jboger@heartlandaea.org)

President Elect:  Betsy Garlich (bgarlich@heartlandaea.org)

Secretary:  Maria Moeckly (mmoeckly@heartlandaea.org)

Treasurer:  Patricia Heisterkamp (pheisterkamp@centralriversaea.org)

Membership Chair:  Mollie Conrad (mgconrad@msn.com)

Newsletter:  Nick Swanson (nswanson@mbaea.org)  

Elected Members-at-Large/Conference Committee: 

Emily Jackson Heartland AEA (2021)

Tracey Campo-Westergaard Des Moines Public Schools (2019)

Jodi Vogel NWAEA (2019)

Kathy Utterback Great Prairie AEA (2019)

Kimberly Phillips, Grant Wood AEA (2020)

Midwest School Social Work Council Reps: Emilie Souhrada, Jean Boger, & 1 additional representative

Recognitions Committee:  Kevin West, DMPS, Jean Boger, Heartland AEA and Kimberly Phillips, Grant Wood AEA

Nominations Chair:  Julie Nadrchal (jnadrchal@plaea.org)

Website Developer:  Melissa Ford (mford@centralriversaea.org)

ISSWA Liaisons - These ISSWA members help to disseminate relevant information to their AEA or local school social workers:

Keystone AEA (1)  Shannon Parrish sparrish@aea1.k12.ia.us

Prairie Lakes AEA (8 ) Julie Nadrchal jnadrchal@plaea.org

Mississippi Bend AEA (9)  Loretta Gamble LGamble@aea9.k12.ia.us

Grant Wood AEA (10)  Maggie Arnold marnold@gwaea.org

Heartland AEA (11)   Betsy Garlich bgarlich@heartlandaea.org   

North West AEA   Joan Hohl jhohl@nwaea.org

Green Hills AEA  Lora Hight lhight@ghaea.org

Great Prairie AEA  Amy Molyneux amy.molyneux@gpaea.org

Central Rivers AEA Audrey Putz aputz@centralriversaea.org

Ankeny CSD Sue Smith sue.smith@ankenyschools.org

DMPS Kevin West kevin.west@dmschools.org

ISSWA is a 501©3 non-profit organization. 

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