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ISSWA Board Members

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President:  Lindsey Kutcher

Past President: Betsy Garlich 

President Elect: Unfilled; Accepting Nominations

Vice President:  Angie Koop

Secretary:  Madison Pettit Cohen

Treasurer:  Perla Quintanilla

Elected Members-at-Large/Conference Committee: 

Kimberly Phillips, Grant Wood AEA (2021)

Rose Dickinson (2022)

Lindsey Hoodjer (2023)

President Appointed Positions serving on the Executive Board:

Membership Chair:  Madison Imoehl

Website Developer:  Abigail Lippert

Nominations Chair: Nancy Lynch

Recognition Chair: Jessica Schmitt

Recognition Committee: Angie Koop and Kimberly Phillips

Newsletter:  Beth Dedic

Social Media Chair: Andrea Leisinger

Legislation and Advocacy Chair: Emilie Souhrada

Legislation and Advocacy Committee:

Emily Donnovan, Jackie Fober, Sara Tangeman, Julie King, Kayla Vandrome

Midwest School Social Work Council Reps:  Lindsey Kutcher, Emilie Souhrada

ISSWA Liaisons - These ISSWA members help to disseminate relevant information to their AEA or local school social workers:

Keystone AEA (1) - Shannon Parrish

Prairie Lakes AEA (8 ) - Julie Nadrchal 

Mississippi Bend AEA (9) - Loretta Gamble

Grant Wood AEA (10) - Maggie Arnold 

Heartland AEA (11) - Jean Boger 

North West AEA - Jodi Vogel

Green Hills AEA - Lora Hight 

Great Prairie AEA  - Amy Molyneux 

Central Rivers AEA - Audrey Putz 

Ankeny Community School District - Sue Smith 

Des Moines Public Schools - Jessica Schmitt

ISSWA is a 501©3 non-profit organization. 

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