ISSWA Board Members

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President:  Betsy Garlich

Past President: Emilie Souhrada 

Vice President:  Jean Boger

Secretary:  Maria Moeckly

Treasurer:  Shannon Sterling

Elected Members-at-Large/Conference Committee: 

Kimberly Phillips, Grant Wood AEA (2020)

Stacey Warren, Heartland AEA (2022)

One Member-at-Large Position Unfilled

President Appointed Positions serving on the Executive Board:

Membership Chair:  Samantha Bennett-Garcia 

Website Developer:  Lindsey Kutcher

Nominations Chair: Emilie Souhrada

Recognition Chair: Kevin West 

Recognition Committee: Jean Boger and Kimberly Phillips

Newsletter:  Nick Swanson

Social Media Chair: Maggie Arnold

Legislation and Advocacy Chair: Emilie Souhrada

Legislation and Advocacy Committee:

Emily Donnovan, Jackie Fober, Sara Tangeman, Julie King

Midwest School Social Work Council Reps:  Betsy Garlich, Emilie Souhrada, & 1 additional representative

ISSWA Liaisons - These ISSWA members help to disseminate relevant information to their AEA or local school social workers:

Keystone AEA (1)  Shannon Parrish

Prairie Lakes AEA (8 ) Julie Nadrchal 

Mississippi Bend AEA (9)  Loretta Gamble 

Grant Wood AEA (10)  Maggie Arnold 

Heartland AEA (11)   Betsy Garlich 

North West AEA   Jodi Vogel

Green Hills AEA  Lora Hight 

Great Prairie AEA  Amy Molyneux 

Central Rivers AEA Audrey Putz 

Ankeny CSD Sue Smith 

DMPS Kevin West 

ISSWA is a 501©3 non-profit organization. 

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