1/26/2020 Legislative Updates

26 Jan 2020 12:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Committee Approves ISSWA Legislative Ask!

On a unanimous vote, the Senate Education Committee gave its go ahead to an ISSWA Legislative Priority.

The bill, Senate File 2081 (formerly Senate Study Bill 3020) requires schools to include the telephone number and text line of the Your Life Iowa suicide prevention line on school student ID cards for students in junior high through high school.

No word yet on when the full Senate will consider this important bill.  We will keep you updated.

ISSWA / ISPA Legislative Day At the Iowa Statehouse

Make plans now to attend the association’s Day At The Hill on March 4th!

It will be a great opportunity to talk with your local State Representatives and Senators about the needs and concerns of School Psychologists and the students you serve.

Bills of Interest:

Special Note - A small amount of bills introduced last year have been reassigned subcommittees and may be considered this year, that is why some bills with three digit numbers appear on this bill list.

(SF = Senate File, SSB = Senate Study Bill, HF = House File, HSB = House Study Bill)

SF 2081 (formerly SSB 3020) - Student ID’s Suicide Prevention Number (F) - The bill requires schools to inlcude the national suicide prevention hotline telephone number on student ID cards.

On Senate debate calendar

SF 2067 - Excused Absences For Mental Health Treatment (F) - The bill requires schools to adopt policies permitting a student to take excused absences from school for mental health treatment.

Subcommittee: Sinclair, Behn and Celsi

SF 2065 - School Resource Officer Funding (M) - The bill authorizes school districts to raise additional funds via property taxes and income surtaxes under the instruction support program. 

Subcommittee: Lofgren, Cournoyer and Quirmbach - meeting 1/27 @ 4:00 pm

SF 2027 - Student ID’s Suicide Prevention Number (F) - The bill requires schools to include the national suicide prevention hotline telephone number on student ID cards.

Subcommittee; Cournoyer, Edler and Wahls

SF 376 - Mental Health Education Requirements (F) - The bill adds mental health awareness, coping skills and suicide prevention to the subject matter that must be included in a unit of health education.

Subcommittee: Sinclair, Behn and J. Smith

SF 342 - Immunity For Reporting Alcohol Injuries (F) - The bill provides immunity from certain alcohol related criminal offenses and prohibits certain disciplinary actions for persons who seek or require emergency assistance for alcohol overdoses.

Subcommittee: Zaun, Nunn and R. Taylor

SSB 3016 - Smoking Age Increase (F) - The bill increases the minimum age to purchase tobacco, tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, vapor products and cigarettes from 18 to 21.

Approved by subcommittee

51st Annual Midwest Council Conference to be held in Missouri! Click here for a link to the conference brochure. 51st Annual Midwest Council Conference.pdf

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